Do You Want To Grow Your Profits by 2 to 5x?

If so, you need a team that is healthy and aligned,  a simple plan with a differentiated strategy and enough cash to weather any storm.

For 30 years I have been successfully advising business owners on how to do this.

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I’m Jonathan Goldhill, founder and “Head Coach” of The Goldhill Group.  Since 1987, I have been advising, coaching, consulting and training leaders of privately-held and family-owned companies in Los Angeles on how to:

  •   Increase revenues, margins and profits so owners can work less and enjoy life more
  •   Clarify strategic thinking – vision, values, purpose, goals, etc. – that builds better businesses
  •   Conduct strategic thinking + execution planning so the right things get done
  •   Sell more effectively to close larger and more customers
  •   Market more effectively to bring in more and better quality leads
  •   Build better teams so managers and employees are more challenged and fulfilled at work
  •   Find, hire and retain better employees so companies have an engaged workforce
  •   Hold powerful team-building meetings so everyone knows the goals and metrics
  •   Live a more fulfilling life and experience more freedom in your life

                 Gazelles International Certified

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Expertise in family-owned and growth companies in construction industries

The Goldhill leaf

30 Years Experience as a Business Consultant & Business Coach in Los Angeles, CA

Close more sales

Close more sales dollar logoDo you have an effective process for converting contacts into contracts? Improve your selling and earn more repeat business by learning proven sales processes. [Learn More]

Improve Your Team

Improve Your Team logoStressed by personnel problems? We can help you build a strong staff of dedicated employees using proven strategies for assembling your dream team.
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Live an Amazing Life

Live an Amazing Life LogoHow do we live the best life that we possibly can? One that surpasses our dreams, one that leaves us bursting with joy? Stop conforming. Demand more. [Learn More]

Attract more business

Attract more business speaker logoHas your stream of leads slowed to a trickle? Let me show you strategies to generate more leads and make your company more attractive to customers. [Learn More]

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