Core Values Matter

I’ve been doing more reading and studying lately (as I’m getting certified as a coach with an international organization of coaches focused on companies that are Scaling Up – see book and course by same title).

And, so I’m running across some interesting resources that I find valuable and want to share with you.

As we approach the end of the year, I have often said it’s a time for planning, rejuvenation and reflection.  It’s a great time to reinvigorate your team and make sure that everyone that’s on the team belongs there. So, the concept of core values comes into play here.

So, if core values are so important to a companies success then why are they missing in so many companies???  It’s probably safe to say that anyone who did not read Jim Collin’s book, Built to Last, skipped this lesson and one of its main messages.  Core values matter!  In fact they matter so much that not having them or getting them wrong will destroy your company – like a cancer – because its foundation (or core) is not solid.

So, how do you define your core values?  Read this article in Inc. Magazine: “Here’s How This Founder of a $150 Million Company Empowers His Employees”.  I liked how the company builder also indicated your personal core values matters.  And, I liked this linked article by the same Inc. magazine columnist Kevin Daum called, “Define Your Personal Core Values: 5 Steps”.

It’s really important that your executive management team is healthy and aligned.  And, a healthy team starts with having everyone on the team in agreement with what the rules are to stay on the team. For another book on this subject, I liked Blair Singer’s, The ABC’s of Building a Business Team That Wins, which I found helpful while working with a larger company to create alignment around their values (or what Blair calls a code of honor).

If your team struggles with not being on the same page, we can help you.  We offer Organizational Health Assessments, Profit Improvement Assessments and programs that will help you define your core values so you can build a winning business and winning team!

Jonathan Goldhill is a business coach and consultant who has transformed the lives of many business owners showing them how to increase their profits and revenues, improve their organizational effectiveness, build better teams and live a more fabulous life.

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Core Values Matter

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