Can Your Business Run without You? | Building Business Systems

building business systems

When you’re starting up, it is a full-time commitment to get your business systems running successfully. But no one wants to live in the chaos of start-up forever. Your ultimate goal is to create a business that runs with or without you — one that can function whether you’re there in the office, away on vacation…or even off building your next business venture.


If your business can’t do that, you don’t own a business…you own a job.


Here’s how to build business systems that can run without you…

Create Business Systems


Business systems are the processes that guide your business, from accounting to marketing to customer service to production. If you don’t have these, you’re flying by the seat of your pants — and that means serious trouble if you try to get away.


System Documentation Through Operations Manual


Documenting your processes is vital for efficiency and maximum profitability. Make it clear what happens and when throughout the course of the business systems, so that whether or not you’re there, your employees know what to do.


Delegate your Business


With well-documented systems, delegating becomes much easier. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Hire others to take on tasks and responsibilities you don’t love so that you get the free time you need.