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We’ve developed hundreds of business plans and orchestrated succession and exit plans for entrepreneurs.

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BUSINESS PLANNING ... It's What We've Been Doing for Decades

We Don't Write 40 Page Plans

During my first 10 years of consulting, I wrote elaborate plans to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses, get debt or equity funding or think through the creation of their start up business. Those days are long over for me.

We Don't Write 10 Page Plans 

The next 10 years of my consulting experience, I wrote 10 page plans that were effective in articulating the road map and securing millions of dollars in mostly debt financing.

We Guide Your Team to Use 1 Page Plans

For the past 10 years and the next 10 years, we will continue using what has worked so well for so many of our clients who are established business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. 


We guide, facilitate and coach you through the development of your One Page Plan.  It's simple, actionable and people are much more accountable.

And, we get results, which is all that matters.

Justin White, CEO  K&D Landscaping


“Jonathan has taken the time to learn our business and provides insight on how to leverage our resources. As a family owned and operated company we face more than just the usual business challenges. Jonathan plays a pivotal role in helping us create systems and procedures to run our business more effectively and create a better quality of life for the owners.


Jonathan’s coaching has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to grow our company further than I thought possible. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone that owns or operates a business. Whether you are looking to grow your company or just want to improve your quality of life Jonathan can make it happen.”

—  Justin White, CEO  K&D Landscaping