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What is YOUR

Leadership Story?

George Lucas

Reach for the Stars Like
George Lucas!

Growing up, Lucas set his sights on the goal of becoming a race-car driver – until an accident almost killed him. Giving up racing, but still wanting to be part of that world, he picked up an 8mm camera, and started filming races. It wasn't long before Lucas became obsessed with filmmaking and started on a new path.


Goals are what move us forward in life. They are like energy for our dreams. Setting goals helps you to measure progress, overcome procrastination and give you focus.


In the SCALING UP Business Growth Workshop, you will get a One-Page Strategic Plan and various growth tools to help you and your leadership team get aligned, focused and accountable, working with purpose toward a common goal.

MArcus Allen

Great USC Athletes and Great Entrepreneurial Leaders Have

This in Common 

Marcus Allen was a fan-favorite running back who was ferocious and never gave up. He wasn't chasing the end zone – he was chasing greatness! Behind every successful person is their journey to live their best life.


Every entrepreneur starts out with big dreams and excitement. You control your own destiny, and with the right ideas, skillset and dedication, you can build a business to serve as your legacy.


The SCALING UP Business Growth Workshop helps you solidify your company goals, giving you more confidence that you and your team are headed in the right direction to achieve your FULL potential.

Neil Armstrong

Are You a Life-Long Learner? 

Neil Armstrong was a life-long learner who achieved extraordinary greatness in the first 40 years of his life. Neil learned to fly and earned his pilot’s license before his driver’s license. He started college at Purdue when he was just 17, studying aeronautical engineering. He became a naval aviator at age 19 and flew 78 missions over Korea during the war. At 32, he was selected as a NASA astronaut, in part because of his outstanding academic record. And Armstrong became the first man to ever walk on the moon at the age of 39.


The best leaders are constant learners. They must assure the security and growth of their business by gaining valuable knowledge from mentors, associates and coaches, watching for signals of change, and taking responsibility for renewing or altering their perspective and business goals.


The SCALING UP Business Growth Workshop challenges your thinking and allows for new ways to connect, collaborate and grow your company faster, smarter and better.

Clay mathews

It Took Clay Matthews 10 Years.

How Long Will it Take You?

Clay Matthews comes from a long line of professional football players. Physically, he was a late bloomer in high school. Matthews finally began developing in his senior year, but it was too late – he was recruited by only small colleges. Instead, he decided to attend USC with hopes of playing as a “walk-on” with the Trojans. It wasn’t until he was drafted in the first round by the Green Bay Packers in 2009 that Matthews showed his full potential and set the Packer record for most quarterback sacks in a rookie season with 10. In 2017, Matthews became the Packers’ all-time sacks leader with 80.


Learning how to unlock your potential is easy to say, yet hard to do. Potential is like a plant that must be continually fed to make it grow and thrive.


In the SCALING UP Business Growth Workshop, you will get practical tools to help you stay organized, focused, and moving forward toward achieving your full potential.

Louis Zamperini

Succeeding Against All Odds  

Louis Zamperini competed in the 1936 Olympics as the youngest American qualifier ever in the 5,000 meters. He joined the military and survived 47 days adrift at sea after his bomber went down. He then spent over 2 years as a POW in a harsh Japanese camp where he was severely mistreated. Zamperini initially struggled to overcome his ordeal, haunted by terrible nightmares and drinking heavily. Trying to find a way to be a more positive contributor to society, Zamperini launched a new career as a Christian evangelist with the help of mentor Billy Graham. (Zamperini was the subject of the book and the movie, “Unbroken”, directed by Angelina Jolie.)


We all have a natural tendency to want to be the best we can be, despite life’s hardships. We strive for productivity, success and happiness, yet sometimes doubt creeps in and we need some guidance from mentors, friends and coaches.


In the SCALING UP Business Growth Workshop, business executives will see that coaches can help you break free of obstacles, serve as a sounding board, and be an impartial collaborator and facilitator of strategic thinking and execution planning.

John Wooden

Are You Bringing Out the Best in Your Team? 

John Wooden played on 5 basketball teams and coached 4 others before becoming UCLA's "Wizard of Westwood”. He ended his 27-year UCLA coaching career with a 620-147 record. But before getting to UCLA, Wooden coached at a college in Indiana, leading the team to the conference championship. But he declined the invitation to the National Tournament citing the policy banning black players. If Wooden couldn’t take his entire team (which included an African-American player), none of them would play. The policy was changed the following year, and UCLA played in the finals (losing to Louisville).


Teamwork is vital to the success of your company and to the development of each employee. When a team works well together, it creates a synergy where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.


The SCALING UP Business Growth Workshop gives you practical strategies for attracting the best people, inspiring your employees, and building a team culture to move your business forward.

Justin White, CEO  K&D Landscaping


“Jonathan has taken the time to learn our business and provides insight on how to leverage our resources. As a family owned and operated company we face more than just the usual business challenges. Jonathan plays a pivotal role in helping us create systems and procedures to run our business more effectively and create a better quality of life for the owners.


Jonathan’s coaching has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to grow our company further than I thought possible. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone that owns or operates a business. Whether you are looking to grow your company or just want to improve your quality of life Jonathan can make it happen.”

—  Justin White, CEO  K&D Landscaping