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10 Tips for Fast Hiring

Updated: Sep 13

Fast hiring process

We always look to expand our business for profits, but we need a workforce to do the job. In such cases, we need to hire people fast and efficiently. If your hiring process takes too long to finalize the candidate, here are the 10 tips provided to make your hiring faster:

  1. Raise hourly wages for new and existing employees to attract more and better candidates and/or offer a signing bonus to new employees paid on their 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month hiring anniversary.

  2. Start a referral program paying out cash prizes after 6 weeks to employees for each candidate referral.

  3. Promote your referral program frequently with your best employees.

  4. Reach out to ideal potential employees on LinkedIn and Indeed to let them know you’re hiring.

  5. Publish your company’s story in local news magazines by spotlighting successful employees who have risen in the company.

  6. Focus on creative culture-building activities (see culture-building activities) that motivate employees and build trust among the team to make your company a desirable employer in your region/niche/etc.

  7. Place notices on smaller job sites (e.g., Snagajob, College Recruiter, FlexJobs), larger job sites (e.g., Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn), niche industry job sites (e.g., ihirelandscaping, rooferscoffeeshop, etc.) as well as your website’s hiring page.

  8. Put street signs in your office/yard/parking lot and advertisements on your trucks/vehicles and at your supplier’s shops.

  9. Hire on a trial basis, hire remote employees, offer better perks and more flexible work options, e.g., work from home, etc.

  10. Write better, more succinct job descriptions that make positions sound more appealing, interesting, and unique.

Good candidates are always high in demand and usually receive multiple offers, so taking too long in the hiring process may lose out to your competitors. However, with the above tips, you may fasten your hiring process and save time and additional costs of hiring.

If you need more help, you may schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.

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