• Jonathan Goldhill

25 Exceptional Ways to Inspire Your Employees

As a team manager, inspiring your members becomes one of your most important duties. In most cases, it’s not enough to just provide them with supervision and direction. You also need to pause for a moment and find creative ways to inspire and encourage them to do better ALL THE TIME.

Your success depends on the performance of your team members and, ultimately, how effectively you handle them. If you want your employees to always be at their peak, you’ve got to make excellence a common habit.

Here are 25 ways to motivate your members to perform better and make success a habit.

  1. Give recognition. Make a bulletin post or send an email recognizing an impressive achievement.

  2. Give rewards. Give away some freebies, like a gift card or another small token of appreciation.

  3. Provide one-on-one coaching. Show employees how much you care and value their work by providing feedback and guidance.

  4. Training. Cultivate skills development to grow your business and individual careers.

  5. Assign leadership roles. Boost employees’ confidence by showing how much you appreciate their contribution and trust their capability.

  6. Give time off. Who doesn’t love a break?

  7. Provide a healthy work environment. Give employees a safe, friendly, and supportive workplace.

  8. Give raises. Adjust employees’ pay at least on an annual basis.

  9. Give bonuses! Incentivize to boost production and performance.

  10. Plan team building. Allocate some time for team activities that are fun and engaging.

  11. Party. Take time to hang out as a group.

  12. Go out to lunch. Engage with employees outside of the office, above and beyond the typical coffee break.

  13. Help plan their careers. Provide a sense of direction by talking to employees about their future career plans and how you can contribute to their achievements.

  14. Offer seminars and conferences. Give your team members a stimulating break that also provides an opportunity to learn and grow.

  15. Be flexible. Allow for some wiggle room on work schedules or assignments as necessity requires.

  16. Offer educational sponsorships. Encourage and sponsor your employees to enroll in a course relevant to their position.

  17. Hold contests. A little healthy competition can go a long way toward boosting morale and productivity.

  18. Hold theme parties for family members. Sponsor a trick-or-treat party for the little kids!

  19. Assign new tasks. Some people view new responsibilities as a refreshing break.

  20. Plan promotions. Recognize and reward hard work and excellent performance.

  21. Reduce stress. Treat employees to a spa day, a restaurant gift card, or a movie.

  22. Boost confidence. Deliver on-the-spot praise –recognize performance while it’s fresh and new.

  23. Schedule pizza/popcorn days. Sponsor some office snacks.

  24. Have employees host an event. Give them an opportunity to showcase their project planning and management capabilities.

  25. Use the buddy system. Have employees work in pairs on difficult tasks.

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