• Jonathan Goldhill

Are You a Listener or a Responder?

Good business leaders are good communicators. But what does being a good communicator actually mean?

First, communication is a two-way street. You are not just talking to your employees but listening to them as well. Recognize that everyone wants to be heard. You can role model good communication skills that will begin to be adopted by everyone in the company. It is the job of the leader to set the tone.

So, if you want to become an effective leader in your business, you should not only know how to talk effectively but you should enhance your listening skills as well.

Here are few essential steps to follow in order for you to enhance your listening skills.

Listen Actively

In any important discussion, it’s vital to check the speaker's meaning before going on to say what you want to say. This is called active listening and involves paraphrasing back to the speaker what you heard to make sure you got it right. This gives the speaker a chance to correct any misunderstandings or assumptions on your part.

Take Notes

When a discussion takes place in a business meeting, it is important to document everything. This will ensure that everyone has a chance to check the document for accuracy and that everyone has the same understanding of what was discussed and decided.

Avoid External Distractions

To improve your listening skills, you need to avoid distractions. Turn off your cell phone and don’t answer the phone on your desk. Don’t allow interruptions to the meeting. Maintain eye contact, clarify questions, and practice what has been talked about above.

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