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Revisiting Your Recruitment Plans for 2020 and Beyond

Written by Reese Jones

It's not easy to be a business owner nowadays. An article by The Atlantic outlines how flexible policies were already growing in popularity even before the recent spike in companies going remote. This trend alone speaks to just how rapidly the business world is changing, and today's trying times have accelerated the need for businesses to change and adapt. On that note, recruitment is a key process in moving any business forward. Here are some considerations to think about when planning for recruitment this year and beyond. Starting from within Before making any rash decisions, it's important to take a step back and see where your recruitment process needs the most help. The first step is to anticipate hiring need by first taking stock of your current team. Our post entitled 'You're Leaving. What Should You Leave Your Successor?' highlighted the importance of having a succession plan in place to keep transitions seamless while also providing upward mobility for current staff. Looking at these trajectory paths can help you and your hiring team determine what slots will most likely need to be filled. It's worth noting that companies who frequently promote from within also become more attractive to outside candidates, as it shows that your business will help them grow professionally. Insight from candidates can also take your recruitment process a step further. Even something as simple as sending surveys to candidates can yield key insight. Asking them to rank their interactions with recruiters, the communication process, and other aspects can reveal spaces for improvement you might not have considered otherwise. You can also look at metrics such as social media engagement and web page views as a way to gauge the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing strategy. Backing up changes to your recruitment process with analytics gives your team a solid benchmark to measure performance later on. Making the necessary changes Candidate experience is a new development, but it's worth looking into for companies who want to remain competitive and hire the best talent. This term represents all the ways applicants interact with your company throughout the hiring process. Hiring teams have to account for every little detail from sending timely replies to making the job posting comprehensive and easy to apply for. While building candidate experience is a process that will take up a lot of time, properly laying out recruitment protocols allows you to make more meaningful connections with future applicants. CMS platform Updatable underscores the need to make quick and easy changes to a site, be it visual modifications or changing URL redirects. Constantly updating your site means candidates always have access to updated information, which can then increase the chances of them applying. It also shows that your team is proactive about keeping applicants informed. On the subject of websites, small businesses can take a cue from Fortune 500 companies and make sure all their online resources are mobile-friendly. While mobile optimization does fall under candidate experience, it's growing importance means that it deserves closer attention. Going mobile doesn't just refer to social media platforms. Your web page needs to work on mobiles as well, especially as Google algorithms tend to place mobile-friendly sites near the top of all search results. A good test is to ask a third party to navigate your website through their phone. If they have a hard time finding your contact page and job site, chances are an applicant will find it equally difficult. The same goes for interviews: investing in mobile-friendly conference and call apps allows candidates to be interviewed remotely, which can be a huge help with everyone stuck at home right now. Businesses that are still in operation have a lot to think about not just in terms of what to do now, but also where to go from here once the dust settles. Proper recruitment planning can give your business solid footing for whatever next steps you have planned.

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