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Disruptive Successor Book

Why You MUST Use (Start Following? Proven Processes To Keep Your Family Business Competitive


Why Your Vision MUST Be Tied To Proven Processes To Keep Your Family Business Competitive


What Got You Here Isn’t Going To Get You There

Fear. Anxiety. Overwhelm. Excitement. These are just some of the emotions that are often churned up during an intergenerational transition where staying ahead of the competition in the current environment demands that new processes and ideas be used. 


What got your family business to where it is today isn’t likely to move you forward tomorrow.


As more family businesses are handed down to the next generation, the ability to adapt will become critical.


For those who try to stay the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” course, failure almost certainly awaits.


Perhaps the most quoted statistic in the world of family business is this one: 30% of family businesses make it to the second generation, 10-15% make it to the third and 3-5% make it to the fourth generation.


DISRUPTIVE SUCCESSOR can help you beat those odd 


DISRUPTIVE SUCCESSOR offers a playbook for today’s next generational family member who needs to navigate through the increasing number of challenges and potential roadblocks that didn’t exist before.



“At some point, every business owner begins to think about their legacy; for a family business owner, it may be the main reason to get up every morning. Don’t waste another minute—invest in your family business—read this book.”

John Jantsch

Best-selling author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

“Jonathan Goldhill has used his extensive business experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and coach to create the ‘how to’ manual for family business. As a family business survivor myself, I concur with Goldhill’s message and appreciate the many action steps suggested in the book to help cement the valuable knowledge.”

Jim Muehlhausen

Author of The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them, Business Models for Dummies, and Half Retire: Keep Your Business, Ditch the Stress

“It’s always interesting that staff do not always follow your instructions as you would wish, but as soon as an outsider comes in, they eat it up. A coach or an advisor is an absolute necessity. I used them all the time and was able to grow my business from six to 200 employees. The advice and strategies shared in this book would have been invaluable to me to convince my staff that what I was saying was important and should be acted on. And, Jonathan is the ideal person to help you out.”

Harvey Goldstein

Author of The Hot Dog Syndrome, entrepreneur, and former Managing Partner of SingerLewak



JONATHAN GOLDHILL is a masterful business coach and personal growth strategist who specializes in guiding next-generation entrepreneurs and leaders in family businesses who want to disrupt the status quo as they scale the business. 


Jonathan left New York for California at age 20 after his family’s large, privately-held men’s apparel manufacturing company—started by his great-grandfather—sold to a conglomerate in its third generation of family ownership. Within ten years, Jonathan had established himself as the go-to expert for entrepreneurs looking to find their version of freedom. Today, Jonathan brings thirty years of experience to his work coaching, consulting, training, financing, and guiding entrepreneurial and family businesses.

Disruptive Successor Book
Disruptive Successor Book