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Coaching Package

Home Silver Coaching Program for Meaningful Growth in the Business!

star bulletsSilver Coaching Program for Meaningful Growth in the Business!

Annual Coaching Program includes

The Silver Coaching Program is for business owners who are ready to start building a team, expanding their marketing efforts and pushing for meaningful growth in their business. There will tend to be a heavy focus on marketing and sales systems, improving cash flow and profitability, setting up operations, and developing a team in the business.



Annual Coaching Program Includes:

  • Leaf bulletsUp to 4 Coaching Sessions a Month
    (up to 60 minutes each as required)

    • 4 Phone Sessions
  • Leaf bullets2 DISC, EQ & Motivators Assessment Profiles.
  • Leaf bullets15 minutes weekly critique/review of work.
  • Leaf bulletsSupport for Partnership.
  • Leaf bulletsAll Client Learning Materials supplied as needed.

All packages are subject to change

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