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Coaching Package

Home Gold Coaching Program to Make Your Life Better!

Star bulletsGold Coaching Program to Make Your Life Better!

Annual Gold Coaching Program Includes:

The Gold Coaching Program is for business owners who have a growing business with a team, and they are looking to increase personal effectiveness in the skills required to lead individuals and teams more effectively, improve marketing and sales, develop stability in revenues and profits, improve operations, communication and systematization in their business



Annual Coaching Program Includes:

  • Leaf bulletsUp to 5 hours of Coaching/month
    • Leaf bulletsCombine One-on-One and Team Coaching Sessions
      • Ex: 4 hours of 1-on-1 + 1 hour team meeting
      • Ex: 2 hours of 1-on-1 + 3 hours team meeting
  • Leaf bullets4 Success Insights Assessments for Team Members to build the
    team which creates market advantage.
  • Leaf bulletsUnlimited laser coaching calls to support program success.
  • Leaf bulletsAll Client Learning Materials supplied as needed

All packages are subject to change

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