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The Goldhill Group’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the difference between what you offer vs. a “scaling up” coach ?

Most “Scaling Up” Certified Coaches only do team coaching, and they push you to read many business books. I offer both team and one-on-one coaching. Although I’m more than happy to recommend books, I don’t overwhelm you with them and usually will recommend only the best books when you will benefit from reading it.

What advantage do you offer over an EOS Implementer®?

EOS Implementers® are required to implement EOS only. I believe that approach can work for many, but not all. Just like the hammer or duct tape is not the only tool in a contractor’s tool belt; I believe a business coach might need to guide a leader one-on-one first. If the company is struggling with issues like leadership development, marketing strategy, sales or profitability, then the pure EOS pure approach might stall. I bring flexibility to my clients because not all will benefit from a cookie-cutter solution. They need a more custom-tailored approach.

I was looking at EOS®. What do you offer that’s different?

Many people love EOS® because it’s simple. Some try to self-implement after reading the book Traction® or What the Heck is EOS®?


I offer one-on-one coaching. I offer group coaching. I teach using other reference and source materials, but facilitate using similar methods and materials.


When coaching next-generation leaders in family businesses, I often will facilitate meetings for the successor generation or between siblings, etc. Structured like the Same Page Meetingmy facilitation style draws from a background with different types of therapy.  


My breadth of experience goes well beyond the 20 tools from EOS®.


Most EOS Implementers® only run 5-6 days of meetings per year.  My clients have regularly scheduled 1-on-1 coaching calls with me and have me attend some of their daily huddles and weekly meetings. Based on my experience working with many driven entrepreneurs, most don’t want to wait 90 days to find out how to make their meetings better, or learn a better approach to hiring, or discussing an issue with their people, priorities, processes, Etc. 

EOS has Six Key Components™. My playbook has 7Ps in its framework.


EOS is weak in business strategy, marketing strategy and tactical selling. My training with The Growth Coach, Duct Tape Marketing and reading of books by Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Chet Holmes and others have helped me to help others develop their unique selling proposition, marketing strategies and sales approaches.


EOS is a business coaching program only. I was certified with The Growth Coach® – a business, life and sales coaching company – in 2003. My personal development work with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker and involvement with meditation, yoga, and sports fitness began decades ago. Coaching people as individuals drawing from my wisdom and experience makes me qualified to do life coaching, which is often what’s needed to achieve more business success.

How will my life be better as a result of working with you?

Over several years, you should gain more time back for personal activities and interests, more freedom from wearing too many hats.

Why Hire A Coach?

If you’re feeling like your journey to freedom seems to be taking longer than you expected, you’re not alone.


Let’s face it – growing a business is hard! Especially when you’re trying to do it on your own.


Maybe you’ve hit your own glass ceiling that’s keeping you from breaking through to the next level of success. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because you’re uncertain what to do next.


Consistently growing your company takes an unwavering willingness to work hard.


But a “nose to the grindstone” attitude isn’t enough. You need the knowledge and experience that all successful growing companies tap into.


And that’s where I can help.


As an experienced business growth strategist and coach with 30 years of experience in personal development and scaling up companies, I’ve seen a lot of the same problems in other companies.


I’ve created a proven system that employs all the tools + processes to help you and your leadership team chart a direct path to business growth success.


If you are coachable and ready to propel forward, let us show you how our advising + tools can unlock your journey to freedom.

What is coaching?

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coaching vs consulting

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scaling up

What is a business coach?

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engaging a coach

How can coaching help you ?

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What my coaching can do for you?

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hiring a business coach

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