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One-on-One Business Coaching

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Would You Benefit from One-On-One Coaching with The Goldhill Group?

The answer is almost certainly a resounding yes.


Think about it: just because you own your business doesn’t mean you have all the answers. You can’t possibly know everything. One on one coaching with Goldhill provides you with an opportunity to work with someone who may not have all the answers – but he has guided many.


After 30 years of working across a diverse range of industries, Jonathan has the knowledge and experience you can leverage to drive your business growth through One on One coaching. He is able to see things objectively through his ‘best practices’ lens, so you gain insight, clarity and most importantly, end up with an effective plan going forward.

What Issues are Best Resolved via One-On-One Coaching?

  • Leaf bullets Chance to slow down to reflect on your performance.
  • Leaf bullets Identifying ways to get unstuck.
  • Leaf bullets How to elevate your leadership.
  • Leaf bullets Looking at ways to enjoy the climb to greater success.
  • Leaf bullets Gaining clarity on seeing and managing your “true” situations, behaviors and results.
  • Leaf bullets Having an outside expert push you with tough and insightful questions.
  • Leaf bullets Identifying ways to build more accountability into your business.

What You Can Expect

Clients tell me that my sessions are a bit like talking to a business therapist despite the fact that they are structured with a laser focus learning, clarifying troubleshooting and accountability for your custom-set goals.

Before We Start

You will be asked to complete a Coaching Agenda and Session Preparation Form. This gives you an opportunity to specifically identify the issues that need addressing or, at the very list, provide a starting point for discussion. We will review your responses prior to scheduling your session so we ensure the meetings are productive.

Meeting Setup

Although we can tailor your sessions anyway you want, we have found the most effective approach is to hold 60-minute biweekly/weekly calls via video conference. These hour-long sessions are yours to use as you like.

What You Also Get

Personalized Playbook for success
Ongoing email and phone support