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Annual Enterprise Coaching Program

The Enterprise Coaching Program is for coaching leaders of leaders in middle-market companies. They know their leaders need and want personal and face time with a coach and are willing to invest in their leaders’ development as well as work on their strategic and financial objectives.


Annual Coaching Program Includes:

  • Leaf bulletsUp to 8 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions/Check-Ins a Month
    for the CEO and any of the executive team members to increase personal effectiveness at work. It focuses on the skills required to effectively lead individuals and teams.
  • Leaf bulletsUp to 9 Days of Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning & Team Days to facilitate alignment and learning of the team in critical areas of people, team dynamics, communication, strategy, execution, cash and sales.
  • Leaf bullets12 Success Insights Assessments for Team Members to build the team which creates market advantage.
  • Leaf bulletsUp to ½ day/month involvement at daily/weekly/monthly team meetings to support program success.
  • Leaf bulletsUnlimited # of brief coaching calls/emails as needed.
  • Leaf bulletsAssessments as needed of Strategic Performance, Team,
    Leadership/Management/Employees & Financial Results
    to assess company strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Leaf bulletsConsultations/Surveys of Suppliers/Customers/Employees to gather intelligence and bring feedback to leadership.

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