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Reach new levels of productivity through empowered teams.

As his software partner, Jonathan uses Bloom Growth to help companies drive accountability, boost productivity, and transform their businesses for the better. Using practical, simple tools, Jonathan and Bloom Growth work in tandem to simplify and streamline your business’ growth.

What is Bloom Growth?

Bloom Growth is a transformational platform that centralizes business information and gives you the tools to build a powerful organization. By working together on the platform, Jonathan helps business leaders bring their vision to life.


What can I expect from Bloom Growth? 

Meetings that matter


Jonathan uses Bloom Growth to facilitate productive, impactful meetings. From long-form strategy sessions to rolling weekly meetings, Jonathan will guide you through using the platform to engage in productive, action-oriented agendas. 

Advanced KPI tracking


Bloom Growth allows you to easily spot trends and make informed decisions through collaborative metric tracking. Using Jonathan’s expertise, you’ll identify what matters most in your organization – and where there’s room for optimization. 

Clarified accountability


By working with your team to identify its ideal structure, Jonathan will help you use Bloom Growth to visualize how each person contributes to your business. By clearly designating roles and accountabilities, you’ll never say “Who was supposed to do that?” again.

Jonathan Goldhill and Bloom Growth

Jonathan is a long-time Bloom Growth user, and he’s seen first-hand how the platform can help eliminate silos while making business operations smoother and more efficient. 


When working with new clients, Jonathan encourages them to use Bloom Growth as a management tool. He guides them through the roll-out process, facilitates sessions, and attends their weekly meetings as a complement to 30+ years of real-world experience. 

Next generation leaders Justin White testimonials

Bloom Growth has made us a more accountable organization. When our team is accountable to each other I see a direct improvement in client experience, profitability and employee engagement.
– Justin White, CEO
K&D Landscaping, Inc

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