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Coaching for Growth

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Family-Owned, Close-Held Companies Increase Cash Flow, Grow Profits, Build Better Teams, Improve Focus and Employee Engagement, and Drive More Satisfaction for All.

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How Does 1-on-1 Coaching Work?  

Typically, we start with 60-minute weekly meetings held via video conference. The calls are your time to use as you like. We recommend that you complete our Coaching Agenda & Session Prep Form and send it ahead of time to insure our meetings are highly productive. 

What is Covered in the Weekly Sessions? 

Jonathan's sessions are a bit like talking to a business therapist, yet structured as accountability meetings with focused learning, troubleshooting and accountability for your custom-set goals.

Why Invest in Coaching? 

  • Slow down to reflect on your performance

  • Get unstuck

  • Elevate your leadership

  • Enjoy the climb to greater success

  • Get help with seeing and managing your "true" situations, behaviors and results

  • Have an outside expert ask tougher and more insightful questions

  • Put more accountability into your business

Justin White, CEO  K&D Landscaping


“Jonathan has taken the time to learn our business and provides insight on how to leverage our resources. As a family owned and operated company we face more than just the usual business challenges. Jonathan plays a pivotal role in helping us create systems and procedures to run our business more effectively and create a better quality of life for the owners.


Jonathan’s coaching has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to grow our company further than I thought possible. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone that owns or operates a business. Whether you are looking to grow your company or just want to improve your quality of life Jonathan can make it happen.”

—  Justin White, CEO  K&D Landscaping