Dealing With Daily Business Challenges

business challenges

Have you ever been working when something random happens that causes an upset? If you’re a business owner or manager, frequent business challenges may very well be part of your normal working day. The stakes can seem much higher when you’re sitting in the middle of a business that is selling services to customers and providing paychecks for employees.


Your upset could be an abrasive email or phone call that you’ve received out of nowhere. You may have called someone who unexpectedly barked at you. An employee may have not shown up for work for no apparent reason. A deal may have fallen through when you did your best to make it happen.


You may literally feel your body start to experience physiological changes due to the stress of this unexpected moment. It feels so uncomfortable that you have to stop what you’re doing for a moment because all your energy goes to trying to resolve or come to terms with this situation.


From the time we wake in the morning till the time we go to bed, we all have to face unexpected challenges that pop up throughout our day. This is especially true for business owners. Unless you are “emotionally insulated”… these random upsets can easily take its toll on you. By insulated, I mean having some emotional distance or cushioning between you and the world. It’s the difference between feeling internally punched, scraped or cut by every upset or being able to deflect what comes your way.

Overcoming Business Challenges

We’ve seen both extremes. There are business owners and managers that can be incredibly reactive. They are emotionally up, down and all over the place according to whatever is taking place at the moment. Anything could set them off.


Then you have those that seem to just kind of take everything in stride. It doesn’t mean they care less than the reactionary types do. They simply know how to put everything in its proper place. And they know getting upset is only going to make the situation worse.


Also remember that it’s not always about you. Often times when upset is thrown your way by someone, it may simply be someone else who is having a bad day or moment. They experience pain that they are now sending out to others. Don’t be a willing participant in their drama. Step back and let them have their own angry internal or external monologue. There’s no reason to make it a two-party dialogue unless you were somehow the cause and can fix the situation. Even then, you can come from a place of solution and not participate in the drama or upset.


Good luck and remember stress and upset is part of life. Expect sudden business challenges. Handle matters from people who bring these dramas to your company privately and help them to take responsibility for their feelings and for the disruption that this causes in your company.