Different Personalities in the workplace – How to deal them?

personalities in the workplace

When you are working with a team, you will encounter different personalities in the workplace and characteristics amongst your . It is important to remember that all these different types contribute different skills and perspectives to the team. One of your jobs as a leader is to help your team to appreciate what particular skills every member of the team brings to the job and how it contributes to the whole.


Different Personalities in the Workplace

In order to understand the different types of personalities in the workplace, try some of the following:


1. Open Communication. Take the time to get to know each of your employees. Let them know that you are always available to talk if ideas or concerns arise. If possible, try to arrange to spend a little bit of casual time with employees so that you can get to know them better. Not only will you learn a lot about them, it sends the message that you are interested in them as people.


2. Work Together. Don't isolate yourself. Make sure your employees see you as invested in their work. Whenever the opportunity arises pitch in and help on a job. This will provide you with valuable information about how your team functions, and who each member of your team really is.


3. Guide Them. As the leader you set the tone for your business. Make sure your employees know that you value a positive approach at work. Honor their personality differences and model that to the rest of the team. When there are personality conflicts, guide them through the conflict with empathy and skill.