Client Success Story: StarBox, Inc.

Client Success Story: StarBox, Inc.

StarBox, Inc. is a family-run wholesale packaging distribution company in California. The business doubled coming out of the pandemic.


They needed help implementing some structure and systems for the new and solidifying the company vision for the next phase of their company. Jon's ability to “speak the language” of the G1 and G2 family members – listening to and understanding the challenges unique to each generation – made the connection seamless.


Jon's coaching has made their meeting razor sharp – tackling hard issues quickly and efficiently. Decisions are made, to-dos established, and accountability is visible to all. Each of the family members now has more time to work ‘ON' the business, get unstuck from individual issues, clear up bottlenecks, etc., which has resulted in getting back a minimum of 5 hours per week.


Before Jon's coaching, they had good growth but were stressed over growing pains with a confusing lack of clear direction because not everyone knew what the priority projects to work on were. Now they have focus and clarity on where they are going and how they are getting there. This means they all have more time, are a happier company, and make money.


Before Jon, we did have weekly family meetings, but they didn't start on time and it was easy for someone to miss them. Just putting a hard start and stop time to the meetings made them easier to attend and more enjoyable knowing there was an agenda and we had to stick to it. Plus when someone did miss a meeting, there was a recap sent out that allowed everyone to stay on the same page.  – Robert Weiner, CEO of StarBox, Inc.


If you are a multi-generation company with many family member bosses, or there is lots of infighting, or you're in a slow or negative growth industry that is just along for the ride, then maybe The Goldhill Group is not the right fit.


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