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what drives you in life

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While making a long arduous drive home from Northern Arizona on Interstate 10 yesterday, I gave some thought to the ideas behind driving yourself in life. Being driven is something that we place a lot of value on in our culture. If someone refers to you as driven, you’d probably take it as a compliment. If there’s someone that you admire or look up to, chances are that you may see them as driven. The key is to find what drives you.


My father died from his second heart attack just two years into my life. He was in the same hospital as me after having his first heart attack, right as I was being born. My father worked tirelessly in business and was stressed. The work took a toll on his heart and eventually took his life. My father was driven, but his drive lacked balance. His premature passing made a significant imprint on my life. It made me understand early on the need for balance in one’s life. I learned why balance is so important to keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy.


Today I’m a business coach. Part of what drives me is helping business people restore balance to their lives. I want to help people be successful. I also want them to understand that success means having your health, your family and some time away from the business. It’s finding and maintaining a level of balance so that you can have a little bit of everything. I’m driven by this cause. I’m also driven by the relationships that I build with my clients. I’m very pleased when I see a client make positive changes in their lives because of the work we’ve done together.


What drives you? I assume you’re driven by something or otherwise you wouldn’t go through all the stress of being in business for yourself. You’re first thought may be that you’re driven by money. I’m asking you to dig deeper than that. What does the money represent to you? Does it represent being able to provide for your family? Does it represent security or by the need to provide?


Also, why did you go into the business that you’re in? Is this what you’re passionate about? If not, what are you passionate about? Maybe your passion is a hobby, but not actually your work. Maybe the money you make from your work is spent on your hobby. That’s what the money represents for you.


Remember it’s not so much about the answers in life, as it is the questions that we’re asking. Ask yourself the needed questions to figure out what drives you. If you can’t figure this out on your own, remember it’s always good to have an objective outside source that can help you. That’s what business and life coaches are for with some people.


In your final analysis, you may feel like you’re not really driven by much of anything. You shouldn’t feel judged by that. Just simply ask yourself is anything lacking or missing because you’re not that driven. Only you can answer that question. My drive in writing this was to get you thinking about drive and its meaning in your life.