Creating a Code of Honor in Your Business

How do you ensure when your team is comprised of individuals with different personalities or working from others offices with different cultures in each office?


This poses a challenge for many . They hire great people only to discover that some of them clash with one another, resulting in a lack of coordination and lackluster results.


This problem can be difficult to solve. (I know because we spent a lot of hours working on exactly this issue with a medium-sized company last year.)  But, it can be solved, if you have a process to solve it (which we did) and willing who want the problem fixed.


You need to ask your members to abide by a that will govern everyone on the team.


Most companies and organizations have their Mission Statement and/or Company Vision, but they also need a Code of Honor (a set of that dictate how team members are to carry out that mission). This set of standards will guide team members' behavior and determine how they will treat the team as a whole, individual teammates, and themselves as members. It is a powerful statement of what your team is made of and what it stands for.


This is no different than any other group of people dedicated to a common purpose. Think of soldiers and cadets who abide by their military code of honor or sport that have their own sets of rules. Even family members have (or should have!) agreements and ways of doing things.


Why is this so effective? Team members discuss and agree on these rules, enabling them to fully appreciate how the rules will affect team functioning and individual performance. Committing to this Code of Honor generates a sense of accountability and support. When followed and observed properly, these rules will completely eliminate infractions and strengthen connections among team members.


With a Code of Honor that accurately reflects your needs and vision, your team can build trust, camaraderie, and positive energy that will drive your team to function more efficiently. Even a simple rule—not to be late, for example—will motivate your members to report on time and deliver exactly what is required of them for that day… Or, a rule to respond within 24 hours will ensure a smooth workflow and prevent miscommunications.



Here are some tips to follow when creating your Code of Honor:


1. Find the perfect moment in which to create the code. Set aside a specific day to brainstorm and collaborate. Find a moment when everyone is thinking clearly. Take the time to decide what is essential to carrying out your mission. Make everyone participate and commit.


2. Find recurring issues that interfere with the team's performance. What better way to begin than by identifying existing problems within the team? Make a list of all the common problems and pitfalls, and have everyone set their personal expectations.


3. Focus on what to do and what NOT to do. Emphasize both great and bad habits, so everyone knows exactly what to replicate and what to avoid.



What's your Code of Honor? While most rules are applicable to any business organization, your code must be unique and accurately reflect the values of your team members and the vision of your company. It's easy to develop your own rules of conduct– just contact one of our expert coaches for help. Click HERE to request your FREE Profit Planning with The Goldhill Group.