Digital Technology Landscape – How It Changed the Business Landscape?

marketing landscape

It used to be that a business with a product or service to sell relied on print advertising, TV, radio or outdoor advertising to get their message out. How far we've come. The digital revolution has been a game changer, greatly affecting the breath of information at people's fingertips, the speed with which it is transmitted, and how marketers interact with their potential customers.


Communication is the cornerstone that helps businesses grow and prosper. It creates relationships, strengthens the effectiveness of organizations, and is the driving force behind . Digital technologies are changing the media landscape and the type of messaging organizations use. For any business to be successful, whether it's a large established concern or a brand-new startup, these new forms of communication must be part of their marketing mix.


So, what are the digital must-haves for your business?


  • Websites have become business necessities. They help to share product details, reviews, photos and videos and attract potential customers 24/7.

  • Mobile marketing has become another valuable tool to reach out customers on their cell phones and other mobile devices through text messaging and applications.

  • Social media is perhaps the most popular tool of marketing these days. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow for businesses to keep an ongoing conversation going with their customers, keeping their brand name top-of-mind, increasing customer loyalty and interaction with the brand.

  • Online advertising can reach more customers in more ways than ever before, with big data to back up its effectiveness.

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