Shaking It Up: How to Redefine Your Family Business Brand Identity

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Guest Article by Ellie Jensen
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If you're a small , you know that it takes a lot of hard work to make your business successful. But what do you do when your business is no longer as successful as it once was? One option is to redefine your brand identity. Breathing new life into your can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. With the right , you can reposition your brand and set your business on the path to .


Courtesy of Jonathan Goldhill, business coach and author of the Disruptive Successor, we'll dive deeper into how to shake up your brand, as well as offer some of our favorite Adobe Express design tools to hone your marketing message.



The Power of Repositioning Your Brand

When you reposition your brand, you're essentially changing the way your customers perceive your company. This can be a powerful tool for turning around a struggling business. By repositioning your brand, you can make your company more relevant to your target audience and attract new customers.


When repositioning your family business brand, there are a few key things to consider. First, you must determine the message and values of your business that you want to convey to potential customers and clients. Next, assess the competitive landscape around you to best tailor the positioning of your brand, and consider how technology can help reach wider audiences faster with fewer resources.


It's also important to understand what stories your audience wants to hear from your brand and how those stories can be used to create an impactful brand image. Taking all of these components into consideration will ensure that you stand out in the marketplace and remain relevant even when times change.



Assessing Your Company's Core Values

Before you take any steps to reposition your brand, you need to take a close look at your company's core values. What does your company stand for? What are its strengths? Try using the infographic below for a brief exercise in gauging your company's core values.



Building Your Brand Infographic



Update the Narrative

Redefining your family business brand story is about more than just a change in name or logo. It's about telling a new story that resonates with customers, partners, and stakeholders alike. It's essential to consider how you want to communicate the core values of your business while adapting the narrative to meet the demands of today's market. By building on existing strengths, your new brand story can be an exciting way to reinvigorate your business and reach new heights.



If You Want a New Logo…

When it comes to deciding whether it's time for a new logo for your family's brand, there are a few things to consider. First, does the current logo still accurately reflect the values and mission of your business? Second, is the current logo outdated, or has its appeal diminished over time? Third, would a new logo help you stand out from the competition in your industry or make a stronger statement to potential customers? By evaluating each of these factors objectively, you can determine if a redesign could benefit your business and provide an updated look that resonates with your target audience.


If you decide to update your logo, the Adobe Express Logo Maker is a great option. The simple and intuitive design interface makes it easy to create a modern logo that will represent your business in style. And there are plenty of features to customize the design and make it truly unique.



A Retool of Your Unique Value Proposition

When it comes to updating your family business brand, understanding your unique value proposition is key. Every business has something that sets it apart, whether it's something tangible or intangible. By taking the time to truly understand what makes your family business special and differentiates it from competitors, you can ensure that your brand story reflects these qualities in a relatable and compelling way. This understanding will help ensure that your new story captures the essence of what makes your business unique in a memorable and meaningful way.



Update Your Message Via Video

Video is a great way to help your family business update its unique value proposition. With compelling visuals and engaging storytelling, you can connect with customers and stand out from the competition. Video also allows businesses to go beyond simply describing what they do and create an emotional connection with viewers. This makes it easier for customers to understand the value of your business and ultimately choose you over competitors.


The Adobe Express Video Editor is the perfect tool for making edits to your family business' promotional videos. This powerful, user-friendly editing software makes it easy to make small changes or create entirely new videos from scratch.



Optimize Your Content Strategy

Developing an effective content plan can help ensure that your new brand story reaches the right audiences in the most impactful way possible. Utilize a mix of online and offline channels to both engage and inform. This could include social media posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and events. By focusing on creating quality content that reflects the core values and vision of the business, you can ensure that your new brand story is heard.



Keep Engaging with Fresh Blog Content

Blog posts are a great way to keep your customers engaged by offering them fresh content. By writing blog posts, you can create and share content that reflects your brand in an authentic and exciting way. Through compelling stories, informative guides, and entertaining videos, you can engage with existing customers as well as attract new ones. By giving readers access to interesting information, insightful perspectives, and helpful resources, customers will come to know and trust your family business.


The Adobe Express Blog Post Maker is the perfect tool for adding fresh content to your website. It allows you to easily create highly engaging blog posts with a range of features such as customizable backgrounds and text sizes, ready-made templates, and intuitive drag-and-drop design tools.



Set to Measure Your Progress

Measuring (KPIs) is a crucial part of redefining a family business brand. By setting goals, tracking progress, and monitoring feedback from your target audience, you can gain valuable insights into how successful your new brand story is resonating. Analyzing data such as website visits, message impressions, and product reviews can give you a better understanding of what content works best and where there are opportunities for improvement. To ensure that your rebranding efforts have the desired impact, monitoring KPIs is an essential step.



In Conclusion

To help your family business regain its momentum, consider redefining its brand identity. It might sound difficult, but it's far from impossible. With a well-crafted plan, you can create a refreshed image that puts your business in an advantageous position for the future. Remember that trust is earned through sustained effort over time. To establish your brand in the minds of customers and earn their loyalty, you must be prepared to invest time and energy into realigning your identity. The payoff will be worth the effort.


From to insightful blog posts to a regular , Jonathan Goldhill is ready to help you change the course of your family business so you can be on the path to success.


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