Don’t Fumble Your New Year Resolution For Business: Get Unstuck!

new year resolution for business

Not surprisingly, December and January are the busiest months for a coach like myself. And, this season, I had more than the usual number of requests to learn more about coaching with me.


Typically, hordes of enthusiastic people in early January – an estimated 40% of Americans – make New Year Resolution for business, which account for the swelling number of gym, yoga, and Pilates memberships and diet books shipped through Amazon Prime.


By the time of the Super Bowl, some 80 percent of those with new year resolution for business are sitting at their desk and home with the remorse of disappointment. According to a Forbes article citing Statistic Brain Research Institute, just 8% of people achieve their New Year Resolution for business.


So, why is it that with such good intentions, getting fit, losing weight or improving our lives and businesses seems so elusive? Why do so many people fail at goal-setting, and what are the secrets behind those who succeed? You might answer, “Who Cares?”


Here’s the help you need to beat the odds and make New Year Resolution for Business


My SMARTER™ Goal Setting Worksheet and Tips Guide will help you to bust through that ever elusive and daunting or challenging goal. My worksheet (along with some coaching) can get you UNSTUCK.


10 S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goal Setting Tips

SMARTER Goal Setting Worksheet

I’m including a sample to help you understand how to use the worksheet.

SAMPLE SMARTER Goal Setting Worksheet


Oh, and fitting with the sample SMART Goal of taking 130 days off from work, below is a video I made in 2012 on the subject of taking time out. Excuse the sloppy editing, it was part of a series of many videos we made that year – all here on our YouTube channel.


Need more help with clarifying, defining and achieving your goals?


Contact me about coaching. Book a quick “are we a fit” call in my schedule and make this year your best year ever!